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During a parent visit the Parent can discuss their child’s individual needs or concerns with the Manager and an appropriate course of action will be implemented before the child’s start date to ensure the child’s individual needs are met. This may involve a Health Care Plan.Ingrebourne Day Nursery

A Health Care Plan may be needed for a child with a specific medical diagnosis who needs individual support from a trained member of staff. Staff may need to be enrolled on specific training courses. A meeting involving the Manager, trained staff member(s) , the Child, Parents/Carers and other Professionals will need to be held before the child starts to ensure that the child’s individual needs will be met.

If a child attends the Nursery and the child’s Key Person has concerns they will discuss their concerns with the Room Supervisor, Manager, Parents/Carers. Observations will be carried out which will be used to inform the next stage of planning for that child.

Observations will be recorded and the Parent/Carer will be informed of the outcome(s) and a meeting will be held with the Parent/Carer, Nursery SENCo, Room Supervisor and Key Worker. If it is decided that we would like support from our Area SEND Co or an outside agency the Parent will be asked to sign a ‘Parental Request Form’ following which a ‘Request for Support Form’ will be completed by the Nursery and Parents and sent to our Area SEND Co. Our Area SEND Co will then arrange a visit to observe the child and liase with the Nursery and Parents/Carers about the next steps.

The Key Person, Room Supervisor, Manager and Area SEND Co will suggest an appropriate course of action which must be endorsed by the Parents/Carer. This may take the form of an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and if appropriate and in agreement with the Parents/Carer external expert advice will be sought.

We have accessed support from our Area SEND Co, The Speech and Language Therapy Team, an Occupational Therapist, a Physio Therapist. Some staff where applicable have accessed training for Children with Social and Communication difficulties/Autism and Behaviour.

We employ staff that are trained to offer support and advice for children with Speech and Language delay and this is via the Elklan and Wellcomm Speech & Language Programmes.

A programme of activities will be devised within the resource capability of the Nursery and/or using external resources through partnership working.

Regular team meetings involving Key Person, Room Supervisors, Parents/Carers and other Professionals will be held to ensure the child’s individual needs continue to be met.

The child’s development is tracked using the EYFS Profile and Parents are included in their children’s learning and development through A Home Links Planner, A Learning Journey,IEPs and regular team meetings.

Parents are welcomed into the setting to speak to the staff at the hand over in the mornings and at collection time in the afternoons.

Children are prepared and supported when transferring to school by visiting their new school and meeting their new teachers at the school, and their teachers are also invited into the nursery to visit the children here. We arrange a Transition Meeting where all parties involved in the care of that child are invited to discuss all aspects of the transition from nursery to school to make that journey as smooth, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our Nursery is on one level, no steps, wide doors, wheelchair access and a disabled toilet. All of the rooms are large and spacious.

When a SEND is identified the Nursery must take direction from other Professionals with more specific knowledge. This is usually arranged via the area SEND Co.

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