Settling in

Ingrebourne Day NurseryWe recognize that children will adapt to nursery life differently and it may take time for them to become accustomed to their new surroundings, new people and new routines.

We encourage parents to visit the nursery before admission to talk through their child’s needs and to gain an understanding of the routines ahead in order that preparation can be made at home to ease the transition.

We recommend that children attend for settling in sessions prior to starting in order that they can adjust and feel secure, the routine of settling in for your child will be discussed with you when you visit to ensure your child’s individual needs are met.

Helping your child Ingrebourne Day Nursery

Parents and Carers are invited to stay during settling in until their child is confident being left. You may want to think about preparing something comforting to bring from home such as a soft toy or blanket, which may carry a familiar scent as this can be very pacifying for an unsettled child.

We advise parents who may have a deadline (for example returning to work) to be prepared and leave sufficient time for settling in just in case your child needs a little longer than others before being left.

Out Settling In Policy gives clear, easy to understand advice on what settling in entails and why it is so important for the well being of your child.

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