A Typical Day

Activities are carefully planned to meet the needs of your child depending on age and developmental stage. These will vary from room to room and from day to day. The Baby Room in particular is slightly different to the sample schedule shown below, however, this should give you an at a glance overview of what happens during a typical day at our nursery.

8:00 -Breakfast

Doors open and breakfast of toast and cereal is served. The children will have free play after breakfast.

9:00 -morning activities

Ingrebourne Day NurseryThe children take part in self registration by selecting their name from a board and posting it through the post box ready for registration. During registration the children will discuss the weather, talk about interesting things that may be happening in their lives and sing songs or rhymes.

After registration structured play begins and this includes a range of activities such as painting, construction, dough, messy play, sand and water play etc all tailored to meet the individual needs of your child. Outdoor play is an integral part of children’s day.

10:30 - morning snackIngrebourne Day Nursery

Morning snack of fresh fruit, cake or biscuit and a drink is served. Activities continue after snack.

11.45 - lunch time

Lunch of a freshly prepared hot meal and dessert is served by our resident Cook

12:30 - quiet timeIngrebourne Day Nursery

Quiet Time for all of the children. Those who need to nap or rest can do so on their own sleep mat (or cot), those who are more active can opt to read, attempt a puzzle or another ’quiet’ activity with a member of staff.

This ’down time’ is very important for the children, whether they sleep or not, as it allows them to wind down, assimilate what they have learnt during the morning and recharge their batteries ready for the afternoon’s activities!

13:00 - afternoon activities

Afternoon structured activities beginIngrebourne Day Nursery


14:30 - afternoon snack

Afternoon snack of fresh fruit, cake or biscuit and drink is served.

15:00 - full day children are collected Ingrebourne Day Nursery

3pm Full Day Care children are collected. A period of free play (where the children are encouraged to choose what they want to play with) begins.

16:00 - afternoon tea

Afternoon tea of (for example) sandwiches, bun, sausage rolls, spaghetti hoops & toast etc with salad garnish and drink is served to Extended Day children followed by free play, songs and rhymes continues.

18:00 - close Ingrebourne Day Nursery

The day comes to a close and parents arrive to collect their loved ones.

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