EthosIngrebourne Day Nursery

Our ethos at Ingrebourne Day Nursery is to create an environment where all children feel safe, happy and secure and where parents can feel confident that their child is being cared for by experienced, qualified staff.

We welcome all children equally and will endeavour to ensure that each and every one reaches their full potential during their time with us. We will encourage parents to help us achieve this wherever possible.

We will encourage children to develop a positive self image by helping them to gain independence and by enabling them to recognize and rejoice in their own abilities and achievements.

We will encourage the children to respect themselves and will foster, both in attitude and practice, an atmosphere of care and respect towards other people, animals and property. We aim to develop in the children an understanding and appreciation of spiritual, moral, social and cultural values to assist them with the challenges life may bring and to encourage genuine concern for the welfare of others.

We will encourage all children, irrespective of gender, religion, social class, ethnic or cultural background, learning ability or physical disability to reach their full potential in all areas of the Foundation Stage.

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